Morten Klitgaard

Since Danish glass artist Morten Klitgaard (b. 1981) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Art, School of Design on Bornholm in 2012, his work has been driven by the urge to investigate and push the limits of glass as a material. Klitgaard strives to develop new ways of working with the surface and discovering new techniques and methods that draw out unique qualities in the material. With a profound respect for the material at hand, he experiments extensively, continuously pushing the boundaries of glass capability. For example creating multiple layers to the outside of the glass by adding a glaze like surface textured with small bubbles which burst during the process. This technique developed plays with removing the transparency of the glass and enhancing the fragility of each unique object.

Morten Klitgaard´s abstract, sculptural forms appear weatherbeaten, organic and patinated due to the use of oxides upon the surface, which causes a reaction to occur and metallic pigments giving a sense of depth and pattern to each and every piece. Tactile, textured surfaces give an unconventional aesthetic feel to his work, while honoring the traditions of glass blowing in a contemporary context