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Michael Geertsen

Michael Geertsen - From Decon to Deco

20 August - 22 October 2022

‘From Decon to Deco’ is an exhibition about the staging of objects. Featuring pieces from 20 years of work ­– ranging from abstract deconstructive compositions to reinterpretations of Danish art nouveau, so-called Skønvirke – a series of ceramic tableaux explores the relationship between space, framing and artwork.

The exhibition includes early abstract works by Michael Geertsen as well as recent pieces from the exhibition ‘Geertsen vs. Hjorth’ with Skønvirke ornamentation complemented by ‘standing’ objects from around 2010 and two grey splendor vases from 2015. Further, the presentation features recent pieces with a classicist approach combined with a contemporary element in the form of a certain disharmony, complexity and ornamentation. This display is tied together by fields of colour that all the objects relate to, across time and genre.


Michael Geertsen Michael Geertsen