Keramiske Veje

'Keramiske Veje' // 'Ceramic Paths' on Bornholm 2022

21 May - 30 July 2022

Note ! The exhibition has been extended

The exhibition group comprises some of the leading exponents of Danish studio pottery. For the past 50 years, they have set the bar for ceramic art. Based on the vessel form, they work with decoration, perforation, the interplay of colour and form and the possibilities afforded by the material through the application of a wide range of techniques. Across the diversity of artistic expression, they share the approach of working WITH the material and exploring its artistic possibilities. In this lifelong love affair with clay –with occasional detours into plaster or paper – they are driven by a passion for ceramic art. With continued curiosity about the inherent possibilities of the next vessel and the next ornament, they create contemporary and forward-looking works.

In the Bornholm exhibition, the group presents new work series. In a separate showing, the gallery presents a small memorial exhibition of works by Steen Lykke Madsen.

‘Keramiske Veje’: Beate Andersen, Bente Hansen, Bodil Manz, Malene Müllertz and Gunhild Aaberg.