Gitte Bjørn - Silver Hollowware

Gitte Bjørn takes an unconventional approach to silver hollowware. Her works are not pursuits of a Nordic expression of ‘pure’ form or minimalism. Life is too short for streamlined Nordic finesse. The focus is on playing, commenting and entertaining, on a high artistic level.

Whether Gitte takes a figurative path, as in her exhibition ‘Neither Fish Nor Fowl’, or works in an abstract vein with figurative add-ons, as she does in ‘Body & Soul’, there is an exuberant character to her experimental works as well as an exquisite level of craftsmanship.

Gitte Bjørn stands out as a unique artist who moves with ease between many different scales – from jewellery to playgrounds – and while she investigates a variety of themes in her work, metal is the recurring material in Gitte’s explorative universe.

In ’Body & Soul’ Gitte Bjørn explores the human body, complete with variations, genitals, faces and hands. Here, the touchy parts – noses, balls and rolls of fat – are put on full display in the form of bowls, spoons and candleholders. And the result is one of impish beauty. No provocation here, just an honest display of the truth, beautifully represented in pure silver.